About Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups Metaphysical is a business that provides support for those who are interested in Pagan, Wiccan, and other religious views, those who are interested in the art of Tarot, and those interested in education about faiths, tarot, and more.  

Queen of Cups Metaphysical has three main aspects of the company, all prepared to service your metaphysical needs: 

Queen of Cups Education Center provides self-paced training for those who would like to explore the art of tarot on a deeper level, and learn how to read for themselves.  New courses are being developed regularly, and our hope is to have an entire catalog of courses available for you shortly.  This is scheduled to include clergy training for those that would like to serve their community in a clergy role, regardless of coven or solitary status.  Our education center is also preparing an alternative training program for those who are interested in either Christian Clergy or Christian Wiccan Clergy and may not be accepted in other forms of programs due to their faith system, orientation, or gender identity.  All are welcome to learn and proceed in their own calling. 

Queen of Cups Metaphysical Shop provides high quality items for religious practices of those in the Pagan, Wiccan, Norse, Celtic, or other faiths.  With a wide selection of over 5000 products, priced competitively, we hope that we can serve your needs.  Whether you’re looking for candles for ritual, altar items, herbs, statues, or tarot supplies – we have you covered!  

Tarot Reading by Partners gives us the opportunity to help our visitors receive quality tarot readings when they are needed.  All readers that we work with have been practicing for many years, and follow strict ethical requirements before they may read.  This cannot be processed directly through Queen of Cups as it would interfere with our retail requirements from partners, but you can get your readings through our partners directly at https://www.jdreadings4you.com 

We want to welcome you to the Queen of Cups family and can’t wait to help you on your journey of faith and understanding! 

The Queen of Cups Management Team