The Importance of Yule

Whether you’re a practicing pagan or just someone who enjoys learning about different religions and cultures, odds are, you’ve heard of Yule and may have even celebrated it recently. So what is Yule? What do pagans believe and do on this day? And what importance does it have in the overall magical realm, both historically […]

The Magician’s Influence

BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT THE MAGICIAN Astrological Sign/Planet: MercuryElemental Placement: AirYes/No Reading Answer: YesKeywords (Upright): Manifestation, Power, Inspiration, Resourceful, CreationKeywords (Reversed): Lack of Foresight, Unused Abilities, Manipulation, Loss of PowerDESCRIPTION The Magician stands above the table before him, actively working his craft. He is clothed in white and red robes.  The white belted and secured with a snake […]

The Fool & His Journey

Learn the Tarot at Queen of Cups Metaphysical! Today, let’s discuss the first card in the Rider-Waite Tarot – The Fool. * Information from the new book coming soon entitled “Walking with the Fool” by our Resident Tarot Expert, J.D. BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT THE FOOL Astrological Sign/Planet: UranusElemental Placement: AirYes/No Reading Answer: YesKeywords (Upright): New Beginnings, Innocence, Freedom,Unlimited […]

Can I Read Tarot Cards for Myself?

In the world of Tarot, this is one of the most asked questions that we’ve come across.  So, what is the answer?   Good news!  The answer is a resounding YES!   The art and gift of reading tarot, contrary to popular belief, is not an outward-only practice.  While sometimes it is beneficial to have your cards […]

Writing Spells & Rituals

Writing Spells & Rituals Unlike the various forms of Christianity, Pagan and Wiccan practitioners are not governed by a large body of rule-making individuals.  We do not venerate a Pope, nor do we have international councils and boards of ministry.  I would venture to say that, even amongst those that are practicing within a coven, […]

Store Grand Opening

Grand Opening Merry Meet!  We are so excited here at Queen of Cups Metaphysical.  Finally, we can announce the grand opening of our Metaphysical Online Store!  We hope that you’ll take some time and check out the stellar products that we have to offer.  We’ve partnered with suppliers that not only know their craft products, […]