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Experience the calming state of hypnosis - a state your mind creates

Hypnosis is not a magic trick, or a supernatural effect.  It is hard-wired into your very own brain!  At Queen of Cups Hypnosis, our Certified Ericksonian Hypnotists can help you not only achieve the blissful state of hypnosis, but can teach your brain, in that state, to make powerful changes to your life. 

We’ve all seen the “when I snap my fingers, you’ll believe you are a chicken…” clips online, in movies, or on television.  While Stage Hypnosis is very popular and very valid as a form of hypnosis, we strive to bring about positive change in our clients. 

Here’s a list of things that Hypnosis has been known to assist people with: 

* Overcoming Habits
* Non-Medical Pain Management Techniques
* Boosting Our View of Self
* Overcoming Things that Scare Us
* Boosting Confidence
* Remembering Forgotten Things

* and so much more! 

Highlighted Sessions

Weight Control

Through Hypnosis, allow your brain to re-think how it perceives healthy eating habits. Don't just diet - CHANGE!

Pain Control

While pain is certainly an indicator, chronic pain can cause significant life difficulties. Change how your brain perceives pain.

Memory Improvement

Having trouble remembering something important from your past? Hypnosis can help you improve your ability to recall important events and information.

Regression Sessions

From reviewing the feelings of childhood to connecting with the religious idea of past lives, hypnosis can help you connect on a deeper level.

Other Sessions Available For:

Regaining Self-Control

Weight Management

Regain Positive Mental Attitude

Manage Situational Stress

Sleep Improvement

Manage Apprehensions & Fears

Increase Optimistic Outlooks

Attract Hope & Positivity

Deeper Spiritual Connection

Improve Self-Confidence

Enhance Personal Skills

Increase Personal Organization & Management

Improve Interpersonal Communication

Promote Wellness

What Hypnosis is NOT!

Knowing some of the great things that can be done with hypnosis, especially as the field progresses and grows, is wonderful.  However, popular culture has given us a lot to be skeptical about. From the “stuck in hypnosis” fear of “Office Space” to the terrifying worry after watching “Get Out!”, popular culture has used our fears against us, and prevent many people from seeking qualified hypnosis assistance! 

Take a look at the next section for some information that explains some of what hypnosis is not. 

Hypnosis is NOT Medical Treatment

While it is true that hypnosis is sometimes used alongside and in conjunction with medical treatment, hypnosis is not, in and of itself, medical treatment nor does it replace the need for medical treatment.

Hypnosis is NOT a Cure

We do not use hypnosis to cure any disease. While hypnosis can be used to help the brain process many things, any practitioner that promises to cure anything is not only lying to you, but is also breaking the law! We do not treat medical conditions and certainly do not CURE them!

Hypnosis is NOT Mind Control

One of the biggest questions I get asked is "can I get stuck in hypnosis?" This is often followed up with a reference to either the movie "Office Space" or the movie "Get Out!". While we love a good thriller or comedy, it's important to realize that Hollywood is always adding their own flare to things to keep you glued to that screen. No hypnotist is able to control your mind! The suggestions that we use while you're under hypnosis are either accepted or rejected by your brain's own self-defense mechanisms. Like Genie from Aladdin, you won't be forced to fall in love, or kill someone. Your responses to suggestion are only there to help and enrich your life!

Hypnosis is NOT a Trick

Sure, we have fun with Stage Hypnosis shows, making folks forget their names, getting stuck to their chair, and more - but even those are not tricks. The brain is such a powerful thing that it can take a suggestion and make it reality! There's no slight of hand or illusion to hypnosis - just your brain, hard at work!

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