Learn the Tarot at Queen of Cups Metaphysical! Today, let’s discuss the first card in the Rider-Waite Tarot – The Fool.
* Information from the new book coming soon entitled “Walking with the Fool” by our Resident Tarot Expert, J.D.
Astrological Sign/Planet: Uranus
Elemental Placement: Air
Yes/No Reading Answer: Yes
Keywords (Upright): New Beginnings, Innocence, Freedom,
Unlimited Potential, Adventure
Keywords (Reversed): Reckless Actions, Holding to Past, Fear
of Moving Forward, Hesitance, Risk
When we look at The Fool, the card has a freeing feeling to it. Here, we see a young man preparing to embark on a journey. It’s clear that he doesn’t have a single care in the world. In fact, he’s oblivious to the world around him. He stands at the edge of a cliff, nearly walking off.
To his back, we see the sun as it lights his way. In the distance, the cold and chilling mountain that he must trudge through to complete his journey. In his left hand, he holds a single, white rose and in his right, a travelling rod with a small sack attached.
A white dog excitedly dances at his feet, ready to follow him through whatever may come. We also notice the outlandish clothing that he wears.
Blonde Hair: Blonde hair, spiritually, has at times meant spiritual enlightenment. So, since the Fool is starting out his journey, it can show us that each new beginning provides us an opportunity to grow deeper in our connection to the Universe, the Divine, and Spirit.
Knapsack: The Fool carries a small pack with him, which is too small to contain much, but to the Fool, it’s all he will need. He may be naïve, but to us, it reminds us that we need to keep the things that are important close too us, without allowing materialism and the outside world to hinder us and tie us down to the physical when we should be focused on the journey ahead of us.
The Rose: In the Fool’s left hand, he carries a single white rose. Innocence abounds in the Fool, which reminds us that all new journeys take a leap of faith, innocent, and full of trust in the Universe.
White Dog: His only friend at this stage, a white dog accompanies the Fool as he starts off. This dog is a symbol to remind us to
ensure that we have protection and loyalty in our lives. Without that, it would be impossible to complete the journey at hand.
Mountains: The mountains, both close and far beyond, show us that, while we are innocent in our start to the journey, there is much that we
must endure to achieve our goal.
The Cliff: There is much that is unknown as we start on a journey toward something new. It may feel as though we are at the edge, waiting to fall at any given moment. This reminds us to be ever vigilant as we start, not allowing the excitement of the journey to blind us to the obstacles that will come.